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Artomation Supplies Paint Machines to Global Market

May 9, 2005—Cleveland, OH—Artomation Corporation, a supplier of automatic paint machines for a wide range of US customers, has contracted to supply its popular PanelPRO machine to PPG China.

"As our customers become more global, we have adapted our products to help them wherever they nned us," said Artomation president, John McDonough. "We have maintained the high quality manufacturing and engineering standards that have built our reputation while developing methods that allow us to export products at affordable prices.

The PanelPRO machine is used to apply paint and coatings precisely to panels used for test and color sample purposes by paint manufacturers like Pittsburgh based PPG Industries.

Artomation designs and manufactures a line of standard and customized automated paint machines for a wide range of industrial and automotive coatings applications. Artomation machines havee ben supplied to customers worldwide.

Since 1992, Artomation has been an innovator in coating and finishing systems. In 1994, Artomation spearheaded National Science Foundation supported research that generated significant breakthroughs in software controlled robotics and led to the unique, patented, PC control technology that is supplied to customers today.

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