About Us

ARTomation was organized in 1992 to solve industry-wide problems in paint finishing and coatings through innovative automation solutions. During the research phase, prior to the company's official formation, it was found that manufacturers were plagued by inefficiencies and quality control problems in production due to the heavy reliance on manual labor for certain tasks, such as paint finishing and coatings. At that time, the robotics and automation industry had not provided manufacturers with appropriate solutions. Based on these findings, a new automation technology for paint finishing, powder coating and dispensing was developed called ARTomation; a software that uses a visual representation (or digital photo) of the object being coated to generate robot motion and paint settings (such as gun trigger). 

In 1994, the company received a grant from the National Science Foundation to continued work on its unique software solution. At that time, paint robots were still in their infancy and were not always a cost effective solution. Over the next few years, as the software was improved, ARTomation worked on designing a five axis painting machine. In 1997, ARTomation built the first five axis robotic painting machine for use with the software.

Business grew and in 1998, ARTomation built a 7,200 square foot demonstration and development lab where customers could visit to view their products being coated using this exciting new technology.  As a natural progression, ARTomation has introduced a number of new machines ranging from reciprocators to robots to school bus painting machines; all based on the ARTomation technology.

Today, ARTomation technology has been expanded to encompass all aspects of the coating process such as conveyors, paint booths and fluid delivery systems. Applications where this technology is being applied today include: laser engraving, RFI shielding, protective coatings, the application of adhesives as well as paint and coating application on appliance, automotive, aerospace and general industry parts. ARTomation is currently in use in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our mission is to provide the most cost effective, reliable solutions for our customers by evaluating the specific requirements of each job; utilize our innovative technologies to maximize benefit; and develop new, forward thinking technologies.


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