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Test Panel Painting

PanelPro-H (Horizontal Machine):  Designed for Crater Testing and Horizontal Color Matching



The PanelPRO series of machines are designed for creating perfect test panels...every time.  Multiple path styles (horizontal square, vertical square and W pattern) can reproduce nearly any type of painting motion including manual painting, robot painting and reciprocator painting.  The design makes panel painting easy, safe and repeatable.



  • graphical path visualization makes operation simple

  • the easy to use computer interface is specifically designed for panel painting making it easy to learn and intuitive to use

  • adjustable parameters: Path Style, Speed, Stroke Length, Number of Passes, Index between Passes, Number of Coats, Flash time between Coats and Atomizer control Settings (Atomization, Pattern, Bell Speed, etc.)

  • stored recipes are quickly retrieved and executed (50 recipes standard)

  • usage data and statistics are stored on a removable drive

  • integrated gun trigger

  • built on a structural aluminum frame wrapped in a robust stainless steel cabinet

  • the slide out panel drawer can be reached without bending over the machine, reducing the risk of repetitive motion injury to the operator

  • precision servo motors reproduce speed and position with extreme accuracy

  • designed with "off the self" components eliminating the need to "board swap" significantly reducing maintenance costs


Available Models and Options:


The PanelPro-H can be equipped with most electrostatic or non-electrostatic spray guns.  Quick color change capability and small sample size make it perfect for Color Matching.



  • 24" x 24" panel capable based on a flat fan pattern (standard)

  • horizontal travel: 28", vertical travel: 28" (standard)

  • gun travel speed: 24 in/sec (600 mm/sec) (standard)

  • can be sized to fit into any existing spray booth (explosion proof in booth components)


  • automatic air pressure control (transducer)

  • automatic fluid control (transducer)

  • additional spray gun control for base/base or base/clear applications. 

  • integrated Bell Speed Control (includes bearing air and trigger interlocks)

  • integrated Fluid Delivery  (1 or 2 pumps)

  • integrated Electrostatic Control

  • quick Color Change

  • custom sized machine

  • faster travel speeds

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