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Horizontal Max for Flat Line Conveyors or Single Part/Rack Loading

The Horizontal Max is perfect for flat line production conveyors.  The structural aluminum frame provides unparalleled design flexibility.  The Horizontal Max can be designed to fit into an existing booth and over an existing conveyor.  When high production volumes are required, the Horizontal Max can control multiple atomizers.

For lower volume production, the Horizontal Max can be fitted with a roll out tray for easy loading of a single part or rack of parts. 

For increased flexibility, the Horizontal Max can be fitted with a pneumatic gun flipper or a retractable vertical arm.


Atomizer Control - Pneumatic trigger solenoids, as well as atomization and shaping air transducers are integrated with motion.  The Horizontal Max can be combined with our universal bell speed controller and integrated electrostatic controls to provide a completely integrated atomizer/motion control system.

Bell Speed Control - Integrated into enclosure.  No additional wall panel, no long tubes and hoses.


Two Atomizers and Multiple Paths - Gun / Gun, Bell / Gun and Bell / Bell configurations available.

Fluid Delivery - The Horizontal Max series can be combined with our integrated fluid delivery options for a complete drop in coating system.  Fluid delivery can accommodate water borne, solvent borne, multiple component, multiple colors and UV coatings.

Explosion Proof - Systems are available for both explosion proof and dust proof applications.

Precise Motion  - The Horizontal Max Series motion system uses heavy-duty precision servo drive motors, a non-slip cogged belt and digital control technology to deliver repeatable, accurate positioning.

Flexible: Footprint Fits Existing Booths - Available in a full range of sizes. Designed to fit into an existing spray booth or custom designed for large parts.

Easy to Use - The Windows OS interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Rugged and Strong - The structural aluminum frame with hardened rails provides strength and durability. The standard 35 lb payload can carry 2 atomizers, and all the cables and hoses needed for any spray paint job.

Simple to Control  - Our intuitive software provides unparalleled flexibility by offering a complete range of path styles (horizontal square wave, vertical square wave, W pattern and paint wedge).  Fully programmable flash time takes the guesswork out of flashing solvents, and the stopwatch out of the operators hands.


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