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Artomation Introduces PanelPro Junior

Cleveland, OH:  Artomation Corporation, the leading supplier of advanced panel painting machines for the paint and coatings industry announced that it has expanded its line to include a scaled-down, cost-effective version of the top-end machines.

Dubbed, PanelPro Junior®, the machine incorporates many of the popular mechanical and control features that have made PanelPro the standard for panel painting machines worldwide.

“Just as the iPod Nano has found a niche with those who want iPod performance, so too will the Junior find a place with those paint and raw material suppliers who demand a PanelPro quality system at a lower price point” says Artomation President, John McDonough.

PanelPro Junior incorporates the precise servo drive technology and the powerful PC based software interface that have come to be recognized as the industry standard in panel machines.  Artomation’s PanelPro machines provide for larger paint profiles and the PanelPro Plus adds automatic tool changing capabilities to round out the product line. 

Artomation designs and manufacturers a line of standard and customized automated paint machines for a wide range of industrial and automotive coatings applications.  Artomation machines have been supplied to customers worldwide.

Since 1992, Artomation has been an innovator in coating and finishing systems. In 1994 Artomation spearheaded NSF supported research that generated significant breakthroughs in software controlled robotics and led to the unique, patented, PC control technology that is supplied to customers today.

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