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Artomation Granted Patent for Teaching Machines to Think More Like A Painter

April 4, 2005—Cleveland, OH—Artomation Corporation has been awarded a US patent for developing a system that allows machines to automatically paint complex parts.

While the geometry and mathematical computations that underlie the invention are complex, the idea is simple: teach a machine to pain the way an experienced person does.

Artomation software creates an "optimum path" for spraying paint and other coatings that saves time and money for Artomation customers. "As pressures increase on US manufacturers to cut costs and boost productivity," said John McDonough, Artomation president, "tools like ours may mean the difference between being productive and being out of business."

Artomation helps battle the common problem of wasted paint, called "over-spray." "Over-spray is not just a nuisance, it's a large cost in unnecessary paint, maintenance, emissions and clean-up," said McDonough.

Artomation designs and manufactures a line of standard and customized automated paint machines for a wide range of industrial and automotive coatings applications. Artomation machines havee ben supplied to customers worldwide.

Since 1992, Artomation has been an innovator in coating and finishing systems. In 1994, Artomation spearheaded National Science Foundation supported research that generated significant breakthroughs in software controlled robotics and led to the unique, patented, PC control technology that is supplied to customers today.

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