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UV Robotics LLC Opens Shop with New UV Curing Technology

(Cleveland, OH)—A new company, UV Robotics LLC, has been formed that plans to change how manufacturers use UV curing technology.

Since UV curing relies on "line-of-sight," until now UV curing paints and coatings on complex parts has required a large number of UV curing lamps. UV Robotics LLC is pioneering equipment and techniques needed to use robotically mounted UV curing lamps to do the job faster, better and cheaper.

"It makes sense to combine the advantages of UV—known for speed with the flexibility and the cost effectiveness of robots," says company President, Paul Mills. UV Robotics has developed cost models which demonstrate both the capital and operational savings of the robotic UV approach.

The company is located on Engle Road in Cleveland where it has offices and state of the art process development laboratory, including a robotic UV test line, just minutes from Cleveland Hopkins International airport.

"Many industries are interested in our work," explained Mills, "especially the large automotive part and composite manufacturers who produce big, complex parts. American and European automakers also are excited about our entry into the growing UV market since the existing methods are too costly and complex to cure a full car body. The robotic approach, which they already use for painting vehicle makes, is well accepted, so extending the use of robots to UV curing makes sense to them.”

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