Automatic Spray Painting Systems for Production and Laboratories

Since 1992, ARTomation has designed and manufactured innovative, automated paint finishing systems.

We offer many standard machine configurations as well as custom designed machines. All ARTomation machines are servo driven to provide precise, consistent and repeatable film thickness. An ARTomation system will improve paint quality while reducing the number of rejects and wasted material.

Our automated systems include simple programming tools to minimize operator training and get online quickly. We can control every facet of the paint line, from temperature and humidity in the booth to precise control of the applicator and fluid delivery system.

Whether starting a new automation project or retrofitting an existing paint line, our automated paint machines and automated paint systems will be an excellent addition to any coating or curing process. An ARTomation painting machine can operate as a stand alone machine or it can be included as part of a complete automated paint line solution. Our vertically integrated approach is perfect for multi-facility deployment.

Today, ARTomation systems are in use throughout the USA and internationally, from mid-size shops to Fortune 100 manufacturers.


           Multi-Axis Painting Machines

           Panel Painting Machines


           Electrostatic Controls

           Bell Speed Controls

           Fluid Delivery Systems

           Paint Robots

           System Integration

           Automatic Gun Triggering Packages

           Paint Booths



           Solvent and Water Bourne Finishing

           Multi-Component  Finishing

           Automated Powder Coating

           UV Liquid Coating

           UV Powder Coating

           UV Curing

           Porcelain Enamel

           Backlit Keypads


           Peel Coat Masking

           Conveyed Parts

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